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Il Bussetto Club

Welcome, we are glad to meet you and happy to show you all the advantages of Il Bussetto Club. This is the place for those who love style and choose high quality leather accessories, just as you do.
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Exclusive Hints

Our newsletter will give you the opportunity to discover Il Bussetto products, finding out the secrets that lead to the production of your favorite traveling companions.

Alert Previews

What about being always up-to-date, receive exclusive previews and be ready for new products re-lease? Join the Club now: you will receive specific alerts, just for you!

Discount and Holiday Gifts

Subscribing to the Club, you are guaranteed to be always the first to take advantage of exclusive prices. Discounts, festivities and promotions: you don’t have to worry about them, we will notify you in time!

Free Gift Box

Want to make a gift to someone special? Joining the Club, you may receive the accessory in an elegant package that can be easily opened in order to verify the integrity of the item, without ruining the wrapping.

Free Shipping Costs

We like surprises and we like to amaze our customers! As part of the Club, you may be surprised too. Will you be lucky enough to earn a free shipping?

An Exclusive Club

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