What is the Right Color for You?

What is the right Color for You?

Colors can reflect moods or define our personality, which is why it's important to choose the right one when buying an accessory that accompanies you every day.
If the choice seems too broad and you don't know how to decide... keep reading: maybe we can help you!

Our technique for dyeing leather

We can definitely say "there's plenty to choose from”! With this short quiz, you can choose the color you're looking for from more than thirty naturally produced shades.

We only use non-opaque dyes that leave no deposits and do not cover the natural grain that changes over time, telling the story of the accessory and the person who has decided to make it a part of his or her life.

The completely natural dyes are applied and buffed by hand, and they need no chemical solvents or other industrial products.
To improve absorbency, they are simply diluted with water or alcohol.

Il Bussetto artisans personally dye each accessory, using all the experience and expertise gained through years of work.

iPhone Cover by Il Bussetto

Tell me what color you love and I'll tell you who you are

Now it's your turn! Choose one of these colors and find out what it says about you...


This is the color of energy. It is perfect for people who want to make a name for themselves and achieve success.
Usually, those who love the color red are:
  • energetic
  • outgoing
  • impetuous
  • passionate


This shade instills a sense of calmness and serenity, which is why it is the favorite color of artists and people who want to constructively channel and express their emotions.
People who love this color are:
  • sensitive
  • apparently well-adjusted, but very receptive
  • refined


The favorite hue of those who seek stability and inner balance, green is the color of justice and a sense of moderation.
For this reason, it is the color of people who are:
  • conservative
  • dignified
  • reliable
  • determined


This is the color of infectious vitality and a zest for life.
People who dream of yellow are:
  • enthusiastic
  • optimistic
  • uninhibited
  • adventurous


Hated by superstitions, it is actually the color of intuition and understanding.
If you love this shade, you're probably:
  • sensitive
  • understanding
  • confident
  • intuitive


Tranquil and pragmatic, this hue is synonymous with substance.
It is the color of people who are:
  • composed
  • organized
  • active
  • capable


It is the favorite color of open-minded people who do not like fighting or arguments, and who prefer to always look their best.
Black is loved by people who are:
  • smart and ethical
  • willing to compromise
  • undecided

What's your favorite color? Find it in our e-shop!


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