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The Most Elegant Way to Keep your Change

The Most Elegant Way to Keep your Change

Coin Case Tacco by Il Bussetto

Where to Keep the Coins?

This has definitely happened to you, too: you go shopping, pay with cash, and receive a mountain of change.
And then you think: now where do I put it?

A safe place for coins

When people talk about coins, there's no middle ground: you love them or hate them.
Coins are inconvenient, in the truest sense of the word.
They fill up your wallet and risk ruining its shape or tearing it due to the excess weight.
Or they get lost in a pocket and you end up finding them blackened and ruined months later, perhaps after a spin in the washing machine.

In short, coins are not always appreciated and divide the world into three categories of people:

  • Collectors: people who adore "saving" all different types of coins to expand their coin collection;
  • Savers: people who dream of vacations and patiently save every penny during the year. Their coins are always safe in a piggy bank, kept far from curious hands and prying eyes;
  • Day-dreamers: absent-minded people who just don't like coins. To paraphrase an old saying, day-dreamers have a bad relationship with coins and prefer losing them rather than finding them!

Do you belong to one of these categories or are you part of a fourth category that hasn't been mentioned?

Share your experience with us, but first we recommend reading on: we've got a surprise for you!

Coins and change in order, thanks to the Tacco Coin Pouch.
Whether you like saving every penny or have trouble keeping your change organized, we've got the perfect solution for you.

We present... Tacco, our best-selling leather coin pouch that customers love

Coin Case by Il Bussetto

Seamless Coin Pouch

Tacco is the first "offspring" of the Il Bussetto family. Made using an ancient Tuscan technique, it is a seamless accessory with a soft, ergonomic shape that gives it an original, trendy look. Countless customers are big fans of Tacco, which has become a genuine best-seller. It has been produced for years according to tradition: using a wooden form and with no need for seams. Does that seem impossible?


Here's how we do it:

If you'd like more information about our production process and materials used, please read this article

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