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"Shaped by the Sea". A Short Film Starring Il Bussetto Wallets

"Shaped by the Sea". A Short Film Starring Il Bussetto Wallets

Shaped by the sea by Il bussetto

"Shaped by the sea" is a journey through a men's memories.

Looking through mementos of the man’s past, this film is a jump into a series of events that have shaped his and his son’s heart.

This film stands as the journey that every man makes at one point in his life, a search for one’s identity filled with excitement, anticipation and wonder.

It’s the nostalgic feeling of what has been, of past love story comfortable in your knowledge that this journey has led you to the confident man you’ve become.

“Shaped by the sea” has been Selected for the upcoming Canifff | Canadian International Fashion Film Festival (Calgary - May 26-28th) and BfFF Berlin Fashion Film Festival (June 8-9th).

Shaped by the Sea by Il Bussetto

Brand: Il Bussetto
Directors: Lamyna (Lapo Bernini and Yu sung Cho)
Video Consultant: Niccolò Montanari
1/AC: Eleonora Castiello
Gaffer: Elena Minotti
Styling: Erica Suzuki
Make/up: Alice Fantini
Set Design/PropMaster: Martina Nardulli
Audio: Luca Mezzadra
Set PH: Paola De Marini


  • Ludovico Colella
  • Michele Gobbi
  • Erica Suzuki