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"Sfumato", the Ancient Italian Painting Technique

"Sfumato", the Ancient Italian Painting Technique

"Sfumato": a tradition that lives on today

Italian artistic tradition has traveled through many glorious moments of history thanks to the creativity and ideas of individuals who, still today, are a beacon...

Sfumato Wallet By Il Bussetto

The Genius of Leonardo Da Vinci: His Inventions and Followers

In 1452, a small Italian town named Vinci became the birthplace of Leonardo, an undisputed genius with a multifaceted intellect.

His artistic skills allowed him to reach sublime levels in major forms of artistic expression and in the most diverse fields of application and knowledge.

We are indebted to him for the invention of the "sfumato" painting technique that plays with subtle nuances of light and color, softening the outlines of figures.

Il Bussetto recently reinterpreted the Master's "sfumato" technique, adding a modern twist to give our leather products a unique, original color.

Il Bussetto Products with Nuanced Color

New this season at Il Bussetto is a line of products with nuanced "sfumato" color:  Sfumato Euro Size, Sfumato Dollar Size and Sfumato City Bag

Our range of accessories has expanded, welcoming new products painted by hand according to a Renaissance technique inspired Leonardo Da Vinci's "sfumato" effect.

This technique gradually lightens the color on the edges and imperceptibly passes from one shade to another.
Our master craftsmen, revising this technique, paint each accessory by hand to achieve the same effect.
Vegetable-tanned leather colored this way acquires an elegant, sophisticated look with a vintage vibe.

See for yourself!

Here's what "sfumato" products look like: Do you love art? Then you won't resist ...

Sfumato Wallet by Il Bussetto