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Seamless Leather Wallets, Purses and Coin Pouches

Seamless Leather Wallets, Purses and Coin Pouches

Seamless Leather Accessories

Leather products have always been considered an indication of elegance and style. The right leather accessory enhances a look, adding a touch of timeless personality.

Seamless Leather Products

Il Bussetto accessories are made from the finest hides that are personally chosen by our staff in Italy's top tanneries.

We choose semi-processed hides with special finishes that are then processed by our artisan craftsmen in our workshop.

But this is not only what makes Il Bussetto products so unique. Some articles of the classic line are seamless, which makes them extremely elegant, soft and original.

Here are some of our customers' favorite items:

The Seamless Technique

How are Il Bussetto seamless products made?
Thanks to a production method based on an Old Tuscan artisan technique, leather is shaped on a wooden form so that it perfectly adheres to the surface.

Before being processed, the hide is treated with tannins of vegetable origin that naturally transform it into leather.
The leather is then cut into two sections, dampened with water and allowed to rest and dry for a few days on wood forms to which it adheres perfectly.

Afterward, the leather is dyed by hand, brushed and polished with care.
The items are completely made by hand to ensure the highest quality throughout the entire production process.
The human factor is essential for guaranteeing the quality of the raw material, design and workmanship.

The Quality of Our Products

Faithful to this tradition, Il Bussetto artisans still work leather this way. In doing so, they create leather items suited for more modern use: from mobile phone cases to wallets and cases for eyeglasses, pens and cigars, to name a few.

We've often answered the questions of customers concerned about our product's durability. Some have asked us if "seamless items easily come apart or tear."
Our answer lies in the quality of the glue we use to finish the accessories.

For years we have chosen to use more natural materials: the glue we use comes from rice, which is strong and ensures good durability over time.

You can see for yourself by choosing one of Il Bussetto's seamless products!