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Antichi Kimono and Il Bussetto

AKI - Antichi Kimono is a beautiful atelier in the heart of Rome, a fashionable and unique space, thought and created by Gloria Gobbi.

Gloria was born in Ancona – Italy, and she’s always been fascinated by fashion and design.

She moved to Florence and then to Milan and brought her creativity flair to the design and creation of her own collection of jewels, collaborating with many well-known brands, such as Fiorucci and Jean Paul Gautier.

Gloria still deals with jewels nowadays, a different kind of jewels made of silk and other precious fabrics coming from the Orient.

Antichi Kimono and Il Bussetto

In the late 1980s, while in Japan, she began her personal collection of vintage kimonos. Once back in Italy, Gloria created her magic, fashionable space, where her incredible selection of vintage hand-picked haori and kimonos can be found, sometimes artfully transformed into corsets and purses, offering a stylish and sophisticated mix of clothing and accessories.

The fabric used to produce our face masks in collaboration with AKI - Antichi Kimono is a precious silk, originally used to manufacture the beautiful Kimonos that Gloria personally chooses during her journeys around Japan.

Antichi Kimono and Il Bussetto

The vintage kimonos and the silk that Gloria selects for her atelier were produced in Japan from around the 1920s to the 1960s, using different traditional dyeing technique such as Shibori.

What connects AKI - Antichi Kimono and Il Bussetto is without a doubt the love for high quality materials and craftsmanship, which are essential to produce timeless and unique items.

That’s why AKI - Antichi Kimono and Il Bussetto have decided to join their forces and draw on their experience in fashion and design to produce an accessory that, during this unprecedented times, accompanies us in our new daily routine.