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Making an Earbud Holder out of a Coin Pouch

Making an Earbud Holder out of a Coin Pouch

An Earbud Headphone Holder?

Do you love listening to music everywhere and are always up-to-date on the latest releases?

Well then, you're probably very familiar the problem that all music lovers have: storing your earbuds and making them last as long as possible!

Everyone has Earbuds

Here's an experiment: when you're outside, wherever you are, take a look around.
How many people do you see wearing earbuds? Many are probably talking on the phone.

Some are discussing work or listening to a friend, while others are listening to music.
What would have been unthinkable in the past is now part of our routine thanks to earbuds.

These tiny devices have revolutionized our lives, but do you remember just a few years ago when we thought people were talking to themselves on the street?
Times have truly changed…well, almost!

How to Make Earbuds Last

Actually, some things never change: there's the daily struggle with earbud headphone cords that keep twisting, getting stuck and lost. As soon as you buy them, it's easy to think, "This time I'll be extra careful and avoid ruining them."
Then we stuff them in a pocket, throw them in a purse, or leave them out on the office desk. Bye-bye, earbuds! If keeping them organized and safe has always seemed an impossible task, luckily you've come to the right place!

This article provides lots of ideas for storing your earbuds.

Earbud cases

Are you looking for a safe, convenient little place for storing your earbuds and carrying them with you?
Here's what you could use...

A plastic pill bottle

Old pill bottles are perfect for storing other small objects that can't be lost.

Candy box

Now you have an excuse for gobbling up those candies! Once the box is empty, it can be used to store your earbuds.


There's an object we love most of all. It's got style and personality and lets you stand out everywhere: it's the Tacco Coin Pouch!

This is a curious story because it started out with a totally different purpose. Tacco is a coin pouch, but lately our customers have reinvented its use. We've seen it used more frequently for holding objects, especially earbuds! It's a clever idea that you can try, too!

Are you tired of losing or ruining your earbud headphones?

Try a new system: choose Tacco in the color you prefer and…problem solved!

You won't forget your earbuds anymore, and you won't break the cords. Buy one here