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It's christmas time by Il Bussetto

It’s that time of the year again.

Whether you are a Christmas lover or you are the Grinch, you can’t escape from the classic Christmas gift giving tradition.

Gift giving is actually a pagan tradition related to Winter Solstice.

In ancient Rome, the Romans used to organize private gift giving during celebrations in honour of the god Saturn, which occurred in December, immediately after the Winter Solstice.

Gift-giving costum started to be linked to Christianity in the IV century AD, when Jesus’s birth was conventionally set at 25th December and the story of Three Magi and later that of Saint Nicholas, became part of Christmas tradition.

Saint Nicholas was a bishop, famous for his generosity: it is said that he used to help needy people giving gifts to them. The historical figure of the saint inspired the story of Santa Claus.

Choosing Christmas presents is mostly an emotional act, related to what we feel for the recipient, so it is very difficult to draw up a generic Christmas gifts guide.

When it comes to buying a gift, our simple, maybe common, but hopefully useful advice is to keep in mind what is your genuine wish for Christmas Day and for the upcoming New Year for your beloved. 

Gifts to say that my greatest Christmas wish for you is a year full of: 



Passport Holder

Passport Holder

Perfect to store your passport and cards during your journeys 

Luggage Tag by Il Bussetto

Luggage Tag

Our luggage tag is a gift itself, but it is perfect also as an alternative to a gift card: just put a love message in it and attach it to the gift box!

Shoulder Bag by Il Bussetto

Shoulder Bag

The ideal solution to have all your essentials at hand


Quality time and memories

My Time Quartz Watch by Il Bussetto

My Time Quartz Watch

An everyday watch for every occasion

Timeless Automatic Watch by Il Bussetto

Timeless Automatic Watch

The perfect business watch with everlasting charm

Leather Bic Pen by Il Bussetto

Leather Bic Pen

To note down memories and a wish list to share with your beloved


Gloria Bag by Il Bussetto

Gloria Bag

Elegant and sophisticated, It is perfect to match both a vintage outfit and a modern look

Honeycomb Scarf by Il Bussetto

Honeycomb Scarf

Hand manufactured from selected cotton. Its natural blue colour and its sober pattern make it suitable for daily use

Cadorna Leather Bracelet by Il Bussetto

Cadorna Leather Bracelet

The perfect rock detail to be added to every style


Opportunities, success and money

Business Card Case by Il Bussetto

Business Card Case

Modern and compact, this bi-fold style is the ideal solution to store safely both business and credit cards

Box Card Holder by Il Bussetto

Box Card Holder

Handmade on wooden form, it can store up to fifteen cards

Big Tacco Coin Pouch by Il Bussetto

Big Tacco Coin Pouch

The big version of our iconic coin pouch



Finally yet most importantly, we would like to wish you all a year full of love and joy.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Il Bussetto.