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How to Clean Stains on Leather Accessories

How to Clean Stains on Leather Accessories

Stains on your wallet? Here’s How to clean your travel companion

How to keep a leather wallet looking new and polished during the years?

As you know, every Il Bussetto item is made from naturally tanned, environmentally-friendly genuine leather. We use the finest vegetable tanned full grain leather and only natural colors derived from plants to hand paint our items also to preserve the naturalness of the leather.

Since we do not use a waterproof treatment, we allow the natural aging of the hide.

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Nevertheless, you might be interested in knowing how to preserve and restore the original shine of the leather. Keep on reading this article and you’ll find all the answers!

How to mitigate a stain on a cappuccino color wallet?

This is a real question we received from one of our customers some months ago, but it could be something that you might face someday. You’ll be happy to know that, if this will be the case, you can just clean it with a soft cloth. You can use a neutral color leather cream for shoes to nourish the leather.

Be careful: remove dust from the item, then use only a small amount of cream, not directly on leather but via a soft cloth and polish gently the wallet, let the item air dry and repeat the procedure if necessary.

Please also note that this procedure will not remove the hard or old stains but it will help to restore the original shine of the leather.

How to get my wallet shiny as it used to be?

One day we got this email:

"I received this wallet last Christmas. When I got it it was a glorious yellow colour. As you will see it is now a murky brown. This is with normal day to day use and it hasn't come into contact with any odd liquids or substances. How can I restore its yellow colour?".

Well, this is a good question. The reason why the wallet turned into brown depends strongly on the way the item has been treated reacting to the touch, the heat and to the light rendering personal and unique each piece. Generally the light colors tend to get darker, and this is one of the features of our products.

Anyway, general maintenance and cleaning can help leather products look new and last longer.

We advise to clean the item with a soft cotton. You can use a neutral color leather cream for shoes to nourish the leather.

Use only a small amount of cream on a soft cloth and polish gently the wallet with circular movement, not directly on the leather, and repeat the procedure if necessary. This procedure will not lighten the color but it will help to restore the original shine of the leather.

How to mitigate scratches?

First of all, which type of scratches we are talking about? Small stains or scratches that appears naturally are to be considered a proof of the genuineness of the leather.
To have a long and pleasant use of our items it ís important to follow the indications reported in our instructions card and to make sure to avoid contact with water/liquids since they stain irreversibly the leather.
Besides, it’s important to avoid pressure as this may distort the original shape.

If scratches are caused by an encounter with an abrasive surface, we suggest to use a colored wax, especially in the areas where the DYE was removed by scratch.
Choose a similar color to the item (we advise you to apply only a small quantity of the wax on a soft cloth ).
Then polish the damaged area energetically to remove any excess of the wax. Repeat the procedure if necessary until you get the suitable coverage. Than please make sure to leave it until it’s completely dry.

This way you will avoid the transfer of colors when in direct contact with light colors garments.

Have you found the solution to your problem?
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