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Il Bussetto Wallet

Finding the perfect gift for a man is for sure one of the most difficult challenge.

Every Birthday, Father’s day or Christmas sons, daughters, sweethearts, consorts and parents all have to face the same old problem: finding a present that turns out to be beauty, useful, original and, if possible, not too expensive.

Or, why not, you decided that you deserve a gift for yourself.

When it comes to buying the present, a wallet represents, without a doubt, a great solution.

Now the point is: how do I choose the right wallet?

A wallet is the accessory that a man always brings with him. It becomes part of his daily life and he frequently gives to his wallet a value that is more emotional than practical.

Therefore, choosing the right wallet is a huge responsibility.

We have been producing wallets for many years and, acting as experts in men accessories, we have drawn up a little guide, in which you will be able to find all the rules you should follow in order to find the best wallet for a man.

The mission is not impossible: when it comes to buying a wallet for men, the rules are just three.

  1. Study his outfit
  2. Examine his habits
  3. Find out how many cards he owns

The perfect wallet must have these characteristics:

  • It must fit in with what the owner wears and work with his style. Observe what he wears and find the wallet that suits him best. You cannot choose a coat wallet if he never wears a trench or a jacket.
  • It has to match his needs. If your man prefers to bring with him only the essential, surely a small wallet or a cardholder would be more appropriate than a trifold wallet.
  • It has to be functional. Nowadays, we all have to bring so many cards with us and documents. Make sure that the wallet you choose has enough slots.

That being said, we are glad to provide you some examples in order to improve your abilities in choosing the right wallet among the chaotic world of men accessories.


bi fold wallet by Il bussetto


The bi-fold wallet is compact but roomy. It is made to fit in a pocket.

As elegant as simple, it is suitable both for men in suits and for those wearing jeans and t-shirt.

Our Dollar size wallets or Euro size wallets are bi-fold.

Since this style doesn’t have the coin purse, you could then decide to combine it with our iconic coin pouch Tacco.

If your man is a lover of the vintage style, you could make him happy by choosing the Sfumato version. Sfumato is a unique painting technique, which consists in blending gradually the colors, giving the item a particular, sophisticated effect.


Trifold Wallet by Il Bussetto


A bit more voluminous than bi-fold, the tri-fold wallet is the perfect style for a tidy man.

This item is recommended for elegant men, always willing to appear groovier and trendier than others do, without giving up practicality.

Please check our version of the tri-fold style: the feature of this wallet is that everything has its space. Two compartments with eight slots for cards, one with a clip for bills.


stingray wallet by Il Bussetto


The stingray bi-fold wallet is without a doubt the perfect gift for men who love luxury

The allure of stingray leather is not for all and not everybody could appreciate it.

Despite the sophisticated aspect, stingray leather is very resistant.

We produce two versions of the stingray bi-fold wallet, one with six card slots, for the man who is ready to sacrifice capacity for aesthetics. One more spacious, with the same characteristics of the classic bi-fold above described.

 Magic Card Holder by Il Bussetto


This item is suitable for the man who considers wearing suits or jackets a torture and loves to bring the least possible with him.

This kind of man is a minimalist and when he goes out he usually throws all his stuff in a friend’s bag.

If you are tired to be one of these friends, you could buy him a Magic cardholder. A slim accessory in which he can put all the essentials: credit cards, drive license and bills.

Now that we have given you enough basics for the more common styles that you can find on the market, please consider that one of the most important details when you have to choose about a wallet is the quality of the leather.

Il Bussetto produces small leather goods using exclusively vegetable – tanned Italian leather, in order to offer a high quality product.

Last but not least, don’t forget the look of your wallet.

Choose a neutral color if you prefer that the wallet fits every outfit. Otherwise, opt for a “crazy color”, such as orange or turquoise, if you want it to be trendy.

Our items are all hand-painted and you can choose from a big range of colors.