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how an item is made

You have finally bought your brand new leather wallet and it is beautiful, isn’t it?

Have you ever wondered how it has been made?

Behind every item, there is a story to tell and the opening words are the message that our brand wants to give to its customers.

Starting from the creation of its own identity, a company will develop its style and choose the steps to follow in order to obtain the perfect product.

Here at Il Bussetto, the main purpose is producing high quality handmade goods, respecting the environment, by choosing natural materials and procedures.

We have decided to follow tradition without giving up innovation. We always want to keep up with the times.

That being said, we are glad to share with you the rest of the story behind the items branded “Il Bussetto”.

Mauro Gobbi, owner and founder of “Il Bussetto”, personally chooses the leather to be used to produce our items. The material is 100% genuine leather, vegetable tanned in italy.

 how an item is made

The selection of leather is an essential step: it is important to choose the right periods of the year (those with the greater availability) and to select only the best leather, in order to avoid waste and to offer an excellent product to our customers.

In addition, we use natural colors, which are absorbed by the leather in many different shades without completely covering the original texture of the material.

Another crucial step is the creative stage.

The main purpose of Il Bussetto is producing styles suitable both for men and for women, giving to the customer the chance to choose among a big range of colors.

This way, our customer is able to choose the style and the color that suits him/her best.

When it comes to thinking about a new style, we mainly consider what the market is requiring in that precise moment.

However, it is also possible to develop a new style thanks to a suggestion or a specific exigence of a customer or of a collaborator.

When the design is set, we have to submit it to our production team. The laboratory realizes a sample and we then decide if it is fine or if it needs some improvements.

The production is for sure the most important phase because a complex manufacturing technique is needed to produce our items.

We have two main lines: one classic line with stitches and one unique seamless line handmade on wooden moulds.

The technique to realize seamless items is the most complex one and requires time and ability to be put into practice.

For this reason, the acquisition of the appropriate manufacturing skills by our craftsmen requires a long training period.

When we develop a new style, we have to create the wooden mould on which the leather will be shaped: the mould needs to be tested and sometimes perfected in order to obtain the result we want.

This is a necessary step every time we produce a new mould.

Once the tool is tested, the production of many of your favorite items, such as our iconic Tacco or our City Bag, can begin.

In order to be easily shaped, the leather is dampened; then dried off on the mould, so that it takes its shape.

Once dry, the shaped leather is finished by cutting off the excess and is removed from the mould.

When all the parts that make up the item are ready, they are glued together with a vegetable glue.

The item is then hand-painted with natural colors and finally polished.

Tacco Coin case and City Bag by Il Bussetto

Once the final product is ready, we proceed with a photoshoot in order to realize the pictures to upload on our website.

This step is important too, because pictures must show as much details as possible and enhance all the features of our products.

Sometimes we need to shoot editorial images too in order to share them with you on our social media.

This is the path that our handicrafts have to follow to become “Il Bussetto” leather goods.

The happy conclusion of this story is hopefully your satisfaction when you receive our products at home.

May you and our products live happily ever after!