Days of Gloria. A short film starring the new Il Bussetto's Bag.


Days of Gloria narrates the day of a woman surrounded by beauty. 

The movie shows us her journey around the city and how she uses Il Bussetto’s items to recreate and express herself in any kind of situation. The story’s star is the new bag created by Il Bussetto: Gloria. The bag is a elegant and versatile accessory that goes along with the woman whenever she goes.



The film stands on a cosmopolitan woman that enriches her style with special details that give her a touch of elegance and class. A day fulfilled with glory! It’s the sense of contemporary life, freedom and confidence on yourself. 

Let “Days of Gloria” inspire you! A woman who use the best never do things halfway.


Days of Gloria

Directors: Lucia Ceriani e Straypeople
Photographer: Giulio Mazzi


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    Crafted with passion by Straypeople