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All the reasons why Aging is Beautiful

All the reasons why Aging is Beautiful

All the reasons why aging is beautiful

What a thrill it is to see the first wrinkles appear, indicating subtle signs of aging, and to watch the color of the skin change... Hey! You didn't think we were referring to people, did you?

Why hide aging?

Il Bussetto likes to show the signs of passing time and we are proud of the experiences that emerge on the surface ... of our accessories!

That's right: nobody likes to grow old, but thanks to our work we've learned that not all changes are bad.
As a matter of fact, small changes improve the overall appearance and provide greater personality and originality.
The secret is to learn to appreciate each new mark as a sign of passing time enriched by experiences of a lifetime.

Hiding all this would be foolish, as well as unnatural.
This is why we chose to produce accessories in vegetable tanned leather that changes over the years in an original and exclusive way.

Before and after

Would you ever say this is the same Tacco?

Il Bussetto Coin Case

Is it the same old Photoshop trick?

Absolutely not! This photo shows you what normally happens to Il Bussetto products. Vegetable-tanned, they absorb traces of life and change along with their owner.

The naturalness of the product is clearly visible because it shows the changes due to passing time, usage and experiences.

Tannins make the leather breathable and permeable, which allows the product to maintain its unique, inimitable appearance.
Leather that is treated naturally (as we explain better here in this post) ages but does not deteriorate.
And that's why choosing a product made with this type of leather is not just about owning an accessory.

Vegetable-tanned leather products are an expression of a unique and inimitable philosophy and lifestyle.
Here you can find all the products that can enhance your look in an original way, so…what are you waiting for?!