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A Broken Wallet and a Love Story

A Broken Wallet and a Love Story

A Broken Wallet and a Love Story

Did you ever ruin an object that you loved and had for a long time? That happened a short time ago to Stephen, and he wasn't happy at all...

Zippy Wallet

You've got mail!

It all started one morning when we received an email from a loyal customer.
Unfortunately, after years of honorable service,the zipper on his wallet broke...

Stephen was very sad: since the day he bought it, he was never without his wallet. After all those years together, it never crossed his mind to replace it with one in a different style or color.
It is usually easy to tire of objects we see every day, which is why we cyclically change the style, color or shape of our accessories.

Well, that certainly was not the case of Stephen. He was very fond of his wallet and now that there seemed to be a problem, he was determined to find a solution.

So that morning he wrote us this message:

"Hi there, I'm hoping you may have a repair facility for a zip around card wallet which I purchased sometime ago. It's such a lovely wallet I'd really hope I can get it repaired? Thanks, Stephen"


What could we have done? Our first solution was, in our opinion, the simplest and most obvious: we offered to replace Stephen's old wallet with a new one in the same style and color. 
That seemed to be a good suggestion, but he politely declined.


It seemed incredible, even to us, but I assure you that this really happened! Stephen did not want a new wallet and asked if his old friend could be repaired... because after so much time together, he didn't have the courage to part with it. 
His wallet was a bit worn; it had some scratches and the color had changed over the years.

Yet in Stephen's eyes, its imperfections made it beautiful. Together they experienced good times and bad.

They overcame challenges and obstacles every day, and they lived side by side for years.
The leather of that wallet bore signs of all those experiences...and Stephen didn't want to get rid of it!

We therefore followed his wishes and repaired his wallet, which we did for free. 
Since that day, the wallet has returned to its rightful place in Stephen's pocket, ready to live a thousand new adventures!

What do you say? Do you want to experience these same feelings? 
Maybe you'll find your travel buddy here!