Office Outfits for Men and Women

The perfect office attire

What type of clothing is best for a formal workplace? And how should you dress for an office with a casual atmosphere? With our advice, you won't have any doubts!

The right style for every office

You've had your interview and passed: now you're ready to start working in a new and challenging environment. Do you already know what to wear on the first day?
If you made a good impression during your interview, you shouldn't disappoint expectations. Keep up a good appearance in the eyes of your bosses! And you know what they say: clothes make the man (and woman!).

There's a dress code for every setting and this is also true for the office!
If your office is a formal place, you must wear a neatly pressed shirt and stylish jacket.
Forget jeans and shorts: even in the summer, you don't want to look like you're going to the beach! For more informal office environments, you can relax a bit...but don't overdo it.

Try to remember how your colleagues dressed when you went for your interview and adapt your style to theirs.

Generally, you can wear a polo shirt instead of a shirt, and your trousers can be casual, but still leave your jeans at home.

Office attire for men and women

Here are some golden rules for men who want to be stylish at work:
  • Jacket
  • Simple, clean, well-ironed shirt
  • Tie for the most important events
  • Solid color socks
And for women who want to make a good impression:
  • Light elegant makeup
  • A sweater or a cardigan over a blouse
  • Elegant pants or a skirt that are comfortable and understated

Suitable accessories for both

Without exaggerating with bracelets and rings, the right accessories can complete an outfit and give a man and woman a more professional look.
Here's our advice:

Do you have to jot something down in your datebook?

Do it on your smartphone that's elegantly protected by a vegetable-tanned leather case.
Choose the color you prefer and watch it change with time due to the completely natural effect obtained through a tannin-based tanning process.

To know the time…

Rely on your watch with an Il Bussetto leather watchband: elegant and refined, it adapts to any look and will accompany you every day.

Finally! A place for business cards!

Thanks to your leather business card holder, you can count on a stylish accessory that never goes unnoticed ... just like you.

Do you have other suggestions for work attire? Let us Know!


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