The NoLo Wallet: when Style is within reach

A true classic never fears passing time.

As a matter of fact, it becomes a model for original reinterpretations given a modern twist.

That is what is happening in the NoLo neighborhood north of Milan.

Thanks to its vibrant creative energy, this area has inspired the Il Bussetto wallet with the same name.

Milan, a fashion capital and source of constant inspiration

Italy is the country in which art, creativity and design encounter good taste and an aesthetic sense for beauty.
Passionate about the things that reveal its most seductive soul, we are constantly seeking new stimuli and creative input.

The new source of inspiration for Milan, the hub of Italian fashion, is the NoLo neighborhood (an acronym for NOrth of LOreto).
The northern areas of the city have been recently renewed thanks to the arrival of artists, designers and creative talents determined to build a new future for this area.

The neighborhood, characterized as a vibrant melting pot, is leaving behind its decaying past and is now a place with renewed charm.
Cosmopolitan and refreshing, it has become fertile terrain for new ideas.

NoLo Wallet in natural leather

The NoLo Wallet

The NoLo neighborhood is the inspiration for the new Il Bussetto wallet.

Its classic lines, which never go out of style, are combined with modern design that is all about personalization.
Its pockets easily hold cards, cash and business cards and it closes with a hidden clasp.

Convenient and elegant, it's truly an inseparable travel buddy.

Available in two versions, the NoLo Wallet in Coloured Leather or NoLo Wallet in Natural Leather

NoLo is the perfect Wallet for you!

NoLo Wallet in coloured leather


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