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You can’t tell a book by its cover… in the same way, you can’t judge class exclusively by garments.

Style is not only a dress or a pair of shoes matched with a bag; style is the sum of many little elements that tell other people who you are and what you love.

If you want to appear classy, you have to pay attention to every little detail.

Our hands are one of the first things that the others see, so what you wear on your wrist can really make the difference.

In other words, make sure you choose the right watch in every occasion, because everyone will notice it.

Women usually wear a watch as a complement of other accessories; on the other hand, men tend to wear it by itself, because they often consider it their jewel.

Every situation requires a different outfit and, obviously, accessories are a part of it: they should change depending on the circumstance.



Are you looking for a timepiece that fits in with every outfit and can be worn at all times? Here is some advice to choose a watch suitable for almost every occasion:

  • Choose it lightweight: consider that you have to wear it all day long, so it has to be comfortable, otherwise your watch will be destined to lie on the bottom of a drawer.
  • Choose it resistant: our lives are full of hidden dangers that, inevitably, we have to face daily due to our innate clumsiness. If your watch is not resistant enough, your precious timepiece will break into a thousand pieces the first time you accidentally hit the corner of your desk.
  • Choose it simple: show off a formal watch when it comes to attending a special occasion; your every-day timepiece should be plain, because it always has to match with your look. If the strap is made of leather or textile, choose a neutral color.

Our My Time Quartz is a perfect example of an everyday watch: you can choose the silver face version or the black one.

Timeless Automatica Watches by Il Bussetto


An important business meeting or the attendance to a trade show or to corporate events require suit for men, classic and plain garments for women.

Remember that, in a working context, appearance is very important: a watch with a strong identity is for sure what you need to complete your business outfit.

A flat, elegant watch with leather strap is the perfect match with formal garments.

Choose the same color of your shoes and your belt and you will look great.

To have an idea of how the perfect business watch should be, take a look at our Timeless Automatic watch: the minimal and elegant glass quadrant is without a doubt its strong point.

leisure time double tour watch black


After a very busy day, we all deserve some fun.

Our spare time outfit requires some rules too, so, if you want to look cool, you also have to select your accessories with care.

You can wear a comfortable and casual style, combining it with a funny timepiece, with a colorful strap or an unusual quadrant.

An idea could be buying a simple but fashionable watch with interchangeable straps: this way, you can give your timepiece a different look anytime you want.

In our shop section, you will be able to choose among a big range of colors: all our watch belts are made of vegetable tanned and hand painted genuine Italian leather.

Our Leisure Time is available in white and in blackThe main feature of this watch is its double tour strap, which makes this item unique.

If you prefer a more classic style, you have the chance to buy our Leisure Time with classic belt, either with white or black face.

Hurry up, it’s time to buy your new watch!

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