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Established in 2004, the “Il Bussetto” brand is well-known for designing and producing leather goods. The brand takes its name from a traditional tool that craftsmen used to polish leather.
We aim to preserve the time-honoured Italian tradition of leather goods manufacturing, and it was this ambition that inspired us to start-up this business.

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Our craftsmen still use an ancient Italian technique which allows the creation of complex objects without using any kind of seams.
We modified the classic shapes of tradition and created completely new shapes, in order to adapt them to modern everyday’s life, still preserving the enduring fascination of tradition. The colours are completely natural and are diluted with water and alcohol, to be easily absorbed while preserving the natural look of the leather.

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For our Premium line, as well as our regular leather we also use leather produced from the stingray, a tropical fish caught for food purposes and well-known for its exotic beauty.

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